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Josh McDaniels Legacy Lays In The Hands of Tim Tebow

Josh McDaniels made headlines everywhere when he traded up to take Tim Tebow. Tebow and McDaniels both are familiar with being in the headlines, so nothing new there. There is a new era in Denver though. The beginning of the process will begin behind closed doors. Tons of questions need to be answered.

Can Tebow make the transition to the NFL?

Has he completely fixed his throwing motion?

Can he read the defenses?

Tebow has already brought of ton of excitement to the Mile High City. With excitement always comes criticism. Criticism is something Tebow has become accustom to. Proving nay-sayers wrong, another thing Tebow has become accustom to.

McDaniels in his first year faced tons of criticism as well. We could go on and on about everything bad said about McDaniels. McDaniels has a chance to prove everyone wrong and make himself look like his mentor. Simply put if Tebow works out McDaniels will look like a genius.

Will it work?


Do I know this for sure?

Of course not.

I know this Tim Tebow wanted to be a Denver Bronco and McDaniels wanted him to be one.

McDaniels is a quarterback guy and helped groom Brady and Cassel. Now he gets a chance to groom Tebow. According to draft gurus Kiper and McShay he will never cut it in the NFL. It will take four years or longer for Tebow to be ready if you ask them. McDaniels doesn’t have four years to wait for Tebow to see the field. He knows this. The pair of Tebow and McD will work together and work together well.

Everyone remembers the famous John Elway helicopter dive for a first down in the Super Bowl. Ladies and Gentleman Tim Tebow is that type of player. He will put his body on the line for the Denver Broncos every time he steps on to the field.

I look at Tebow and I have to look at the positives. This guy is a winner and that says a lot more than a bad throwing motion. He has everything that you can’t coach. The drive to be the best. When Tebow offered to pay out of pocket to stay in Denver to get to work immediately, one name came to mind. Jay Cutler, I bet the thought of something like this never crossed his mind. Tebow while working on his throwing motion was going out and taking 900 snaps a day to make it muscle memory. This is the work ethic he will bring to the Broncos.

Vince Young isn’t the most outstanding or fundamentally sound quarterback, but he wins. I don’t see any reason why Tebow can’t be a great quarterback in the NFL. No one was raving about Young’s ability to read coverages when he came out.

McDaniels runs a shotgun style system Tebow should adapt to quickly. Sixty-eight percent of our passing plays were from shotgun. We have a dominant left and right tackle to help protect Tebow. We just added two big targets throughout the draft and depth to our interior line. Tebow wasn’t drafted to be groomed for three years. I don’t see him playing his first year, though he will be given an opportunity to win the job. Kyle Orton’s contract runs out this year and Tebow will have a year of study and game film to learn from.

Jamarcus Russel, Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, Chad Henne, Matt Cassel, Matt Hasselback, Marc Bulger, Matt Stafford, and Jake Delhomme all have QB ratings under 80 for the 2009 season. I remember Kiper bashing Cutler and bashing the Dolphins for passing on Quinn.

It doesn’t matter what Kiper and McShay have to say. It all comes down to how hard the player wants to work once he joins an NFL organization. We just drafted the hardest working young man to come out in years. Hard work will beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.(Tebow has talent though) Jamarcus Russel and Jay Cutler have all the talent in the world, but they just don’t apply it.

I’m looking forward to when the new No. 15 steps onto the field.

I will leave you this. Tim Tebow will not let himself fail.

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Interview with Karl Mecklenburg, Ring of Fame Broncos Linebacker


I recently had the privelege of sitting down and having a phone conversation with one of the best players in Denver Broncos history, linebacker Karl Mecklenburg.

Mecklenburg was drafted by the Broncos in the 12th round of the 1983 NFL Draft out of Minnesota as a nose guard.  Throughout his NFL career, he proved to be more versatile than a swiss army knife, playing every position on the defensive front seven all the way to a Ring of Fame career with the Denver Broncos that included six Pro Bowl appearances and four All-Pro selections.

As a player, Mecklenburg helped the Broncos to a stellar three AFC titles and a regular season record of 114-65.  Still, Mecklenburg didn’t keep the experience and lessons learned of the NFL to himself, as he has just finished writing his first book entitled Heart of a Student Athlete:  All Pro Advice for Competitors and Their Families. 

You can find more information on purchasing the book at, where there is a sample chapter and a guest page.  I strongly encourage all of you to check out this book even if you are not a parent or a student athlete.  The lessons it teaches are absolutely outstanding, and reading the experiences of a professional athlete to me are always interesting.

In addition to his book, Mecklenburg operates the REACH (Rewarding Experiences for All Children) Foundation and does motivational speaking all across the nation.  Check out for more information about this program, and see a later segment in the interview for more details.

I am honored to have spoken with him personally, and I would like to share our conversation with you readers after we reminisced about the great city of Sioux Falls.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Setting the Records Straight

Here is my view of who are the league’s top teams through seven weeks, I hope you all enjoy!

1.  Denver Broncos (6-0)

2.  New Orleans Saints (6-0)

3.  Indianapolis Colts  (6-0)

4.  Minnesota Vikings  (6-1)

5.  Cincinnatti Bengals  (5-2)

6.  New England Patriots  (5-2)

7.  Pittsburgh Steelers  (5-2)

8.  New York Giants  (5-2)

9.  Dallas Cowboys  (4-2)

10.  Arizona Cardinals  (4-2)

11.  Atlanta Falcons  (4-2)

12.  Green Bay Packers  (4-2)

13.  Philadelphia Eagles  (4-2)

14.  New York Jets  (4-3)

15.  Houston Texans  (4-3)

16.  Chicago Bears  (3-3)

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Early Thoughts on the Broncos-Ravens Week Eight Matchup

Broncos Jets Football

For Denver Broncos fans and Baltimore Ravens fans alike, the bye week is finally over, and it is time to get back to work.

This week’s matchup pits the Broncos (6-0, 1st place AFC West) against the Ravens (3-3, 3rd place AFC North) in what figures to be a pivotal matchup for both teams.

Denver has a flawless record following their bye week, and only one injury to report which has some fearing the off time came a bit too early for Denver this season, though it was nothing they could control.

The Ravens are a very intriguing matchup for the Broncos, especially since it will be a road game.

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Broncos waive P Brett Kern, Add P Mitch Berger


It wasn’t the flashiest move, but the Broncos have finally fiddled with their roster, waiving second year punter Brett Kern and signing veteran Mitch Berger.

Kern has been on the hot seat for a while with the Broncos, and there were rumors he would not beat out Britton Colquitt for the punter job earlier this offseason.  Head coach Josh McDaniels and the Broncos have seen enough from Kern, and they decided to go with the veteran Berger who will wear number 17 with the Broncos.

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NFL Week Seven Roundup: Broncos Lead West by Three

Chargers Chiefs Football

This will be the first installment of this particular segment, and I don’t think it could have come at a better time given the fact that our Denver Broncos are currently concluding their bye week.

There was still a lot of football being played on Sunday, and a lot that involved Denver indirectly.  Here is a roundup of Sunday’s activities and how the Broncos were impacted.

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Interview with Ring of Fame LB Karl Mecklenburg


Attention Broncos fans–I have been given a very unique opportunity.

Next week I will conduct an interview with former Broncos linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, one of the most decorated players in team history.

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Broncos at the Bye: How We Got to 6-0

stokley and royal

Although a bye week after six games is not ideal, the Denver Broncos are sitting pretty at 6-0, and 3.5 games ahead of San Diego in the AFC West.

The Broncos have been quite a surprise story to many this year, and as fans head into two weeks with no Denver Bronco football, here is a recap of the incredible ride the first six games have been.

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